When I was in college, I had a blog called Salty Sea Hag, where I did political humor from the point of view of a sea witch living on the bottom of the ocean.“

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Imagine me and you, I do. I think about you day and night.


welcome to art school

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This is a story about…

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Curtis: When we take the engine I’ll call for you to lead us. 

Gilliam: Stop it, Curtis. Why you doing that? You know very well that you’re already our leader. You have to accept that now.

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Is everyone playing Inktober this year? I’m posting my dailies on Instagram and Facebook, but I thought I’d post the first week of drawings here too.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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Frederic Leighton, A Girl (detail)

19th  century

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Long exposure, 3 traffic lights in the fog.

damn this just
this fukn does it for me
this is gorgeous

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Eric Wallis

via - the fine art nude

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